Goodreads: Starry Messenger

Author: Ethan Howard

Published: 15th March 2017 (Imprint Publishing)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “In 2018, war has been eliminated. Crime greatly reduced. Poverty and homelessness is a thing of the past. Things are so good, that many have dared to call it paradise.

Then a powerful and enigmatic stranger comes to Earth with a message:

“What you believe is false.”
“What you know is wrong.”

Humans have been manipulated since the dawn of man by shadowy forces. Nothing is what it appears to be and dark times are on the horizon. Everything transpiring on the planet is merely a precursor to unspeakable horrors destined to occur in the year 2020.

The world is headed for its end days while the battle-weary stranger struggles with his feelings for an Earth woman, his duty, and a past shrouded in mystery. In the meantime, evil forces operate with impunity and gain a greater stranglehold on the planet.

The arrival of this starry messenger will either save Earth or accelerate its destruction…………..” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer – I received a copy from the Author. This as always does not affect my review in anyway.)

Review: The alien concept brought a whole new twist to the whole story, in the way it talked about God and the Devil. It was very well played out and made you think a lot about a range of different things. What if Jesus was an alien? It an interesting idea. It doesn’t attack Christianity or any religions. One of the key characters is a devote christian. In a way the main character is also a christian because the alien that he has devoted his life too, is one and the same of God in the story.

It was a fast read sitting at 146 pages, didn’t take me long at all to finish it. Like I said before the whole concept was very interesting and made me think. It did feel like a bit of a romance story as well, with how the relationship with the alien and the women was a pretty big part. Then again that part was also key to him, helping making his own decision on whether he would stay and help or not.

Evil vs Good was very well done in the sense that you saw the effects it had on the ‘soldiers’. Some of them had enough of the endless war between the sides. They didn’t want anything to do with it, not the death, not anything. They just wished to live out a good life on Earth.

(Spoiler / Didn’t like)

The conversions with Aron were very confusing, firing names at you left, right and center. I got the whole meaning behind the story, him trying to explain all the major things that happened in human history was due to the ‘War’. Every God/person that is a key part in legend and history was an alien. But it just felt so rushed and like someone was machine gunning names at you.

One thing I really did not like was the whole bonding thing. Nice meal, nice setting. Then all of a sudden she says she loves him then BAM he yelling in her brain. The cap locks was completely unneeded and set the wrong tone. It made the whole scene aggressive. You spent most of the book building up to this scene, to then turn it into a he yelling at her for no reason. It happened way to fast, it felt as well. Not even left the table to straight away bonding. Could have dragged it out a bit just to make the scene more meaningful, and satisfying to the reader that it finally happened.

124 – I see,” Regina said (Missing “)

Would I recommend it? Yes.