Goodreads: Being Gil’s Sister

Author: Lisa Stewart

Published: 13th October 2017 (Help For Writers)

Source: Copy from Help For Writers

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “My name is Sunny. I’ve grown up in the shadow of my exceptional brother and am often greeted with, ‘Gil’s sister? Well, why didn’t you say so?’ He is blessed with straight dark hair and brains. I inherited wild auburn locks and freckles that merge together when the clocks spring forward.

I failed to thrive in a number of jobs where my talents weren’t appreciated so set up my own business – Do Me A Favour. Hey – how hard can it be to host a cat’s birthday party or barbecue in a snowstorm?

While my enterprise is taking off, my perfect brother Gil seems to be unravelling faster than a spaghetti jumper. Throw in the fact that Mathew – my obsession since high school – is now back on the market after several careless owners, and you find me at a place in my life where being Gil’s sister is about as easy as ironing a wedding dress with a boiled egg.

I find myself chasing aliens, love and a runaway nun to get our lives back on track.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer – I received a copy from Help For Writers who published the author’s work. This does not affect my review in anyway)

Review: I liked it. Very British humor and very British story. (Well duh it is done by a British author. Shh.) There was quiet a lot of scenes within the story, all pretty much filled with humor/the main character’s view of the world. She is very sarcastic. I don’t know whether it because I am British or my sense of humor is meh, but I didn’t really find it all that funny. Don’t get me wrong I could see the funny side to things, but it just didn’t make me smile or laugh. Maybe because the whole book was filled with humor, it was just a bit too much? No idea really, could just be me. Most likely was just me. I know the skewer up the goat’s butt was too much. That just fell so flat.

Really don’t like the stereotype of all bikers are mean people. That scene just annoyed me a little, again just my own personnel opinion on that one. It was a very solid story concept, it just felt a bit slow getting to the point. Really, it didn’t feel like their was a whole load of a point to the story. Girl meets boy? Girl gets boy? Wasn’t really clear if there was an ‘end’ goal to the story.

Talking about boy. I liked how the Author dealt with depression. It’s a subject that is very nearly always brushed over, or just ignored. I like how the Author dived straight into it. No sugar coating, no cover over the fluff of it. Depression sucks and it is real. It not some made up fairy tale that people fart out of their mouths. That section of the book was very well done and I have to bow down to the Author for that.

Found one little mistake, formatting issues so can’t really blame them for that.

Would I Recommend it? Yes.