Goodreads: Wolf Cry

Author: Julia Golding

Published: 22nd December 2014

Source: Charity Shop

Rating: 5/5 (It was amazing)

Official Summary: “Freydis has been left for dead following a raid by pirates on her father’s Viking stronghold. Her brother has been kidnapped-and Freydis’s father is hell-bent on revenge. But this is a volatile man who loathes his daughter and is driven by love of his son. Reluctantly he takes Freydis with him on his journey, giving her a slave-Enno-to tend her. As Freydis’s father becomes more bitter and cruel, and the hunt for his son becomes increasingly desperate, Freydis and Enno draw closer together. But when battle looms on the horizon, the bonds of friendship, obedience and loyalty are tested to the limit.” – Goodreads

Review: I love all of Julia Golding’s books, I haven’t come across one that I haven’t liked. Her writing and stories are always so easy and a joy to read. There is no over the top, no unneeded drama. Just the story. Plus an Author’s love for her passion, which shows in her work.

I just like how the Author didn’t rush to tell the story. It let you as the reader, just relax and enjoy. There was action straight from the beginning and at the end. The middle let you get to really know all the characters. Let their actions speak volumes about their inner characters. Plus gave you time to connect with them, to either like them or hate them. (Her father? Like seriously he needed punching.)

The fighting  was done very well, it wasn’t over the top or unrealistic in anyway. The fights weren’t dragged out, I like how the last fight went. It was realistic of a battle, sometimes you just lose your footing. People die and it not scared to show that. (It not gory about it).

(Random fact did you know that Julia Golding also writes as Joss Stirling and Eve Edwards. Damn it. I need to check out her other books now.)

Would I Recommend it? Yes. Love her books.