Goodreads: Road of a Warrior (The Silvan #2) 

Author: R. K. Lander

Published: 28th April 2018

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 5/5 (Loved it)

Official Summary: “A light in the forest, a king returned, a past to claim …

Fel’annár is an immortal half-blood warrior from the Deep Forest, an orphan whose questions were never answered. With a dream of becoming a Silvan captain in an army ruled by the Alpine elves, he is sent to protect a prince of the realm on a journey to Tar’eastór, land of the mighty Alpine elves and of Fel’annár’s own father – whoever he was.

His nascent powers that emerged during his first patrol as a novice warrior will continue to evolve as his shrouded past finally surfaces. The truth he never thought to hear will thrust him onto a path strewn with political intrigue, discrimination, danger and self-discovery.

Meanwhile, a failing king will rise from the ashes of grief and reclaim his place as leader of the Great Forest. Warriors will battle the enemy on the borders, while at court, councillors will clash over the racial divide that is pulling them apart.

They say that civil war is coming, but one elf can avoid it – if he can embrace his past, control his powers and accept the role he is destined to play.

From warrior to master and beyond, Fel’annár is The Silvan who can restore peace in the Great Forest, or cast it into eternal chaos.” – Goodreads

Review: It very hard for an Author to outshine their first book, but oh boy has the Author raised the bar again. I was so pleasantly surprised that it was so good again. Again the Author didn’t expand too much, she is letting the series breath and build itself. She not rushing in and throwing in years, or trying to rush and complete the whole series in a few books as possible. Oh no the Author has big plans and it great to see them slowly unfolding.

The multiple names for one person do get a little confusing but again more an issue with myself than with the book. The suspense was built up very well in the middle of the book, where you know what happens and you are waiting and waiting to find out what happened. The Author did a good job of switching to other things and making you feel impatient, making you want to read more to find out.

Somethings are done so subtly you don’t quite see it unless you are paying attention to the smaller details. I knew from her first book to pay attention. You can really see the world being built and the story being built through small little sentences here and there. Making your mind go ‘ooh that going to get good’.

With both her books I have had to go back and reread lines because they were so good. Scenes and fights were so :O I had to reread them just to enjoy the goodness of them again.

(Disclaimer: I received a copy from the Author, does not affect my review)