Goodreads: Chase The Dark (Soul Eater #2.5)

Author: Pippa DaCosta

Published: 25th April 2017 (Crazy Ace Publishing)

Source: Free from Newsletter

Official Summary: “New York’s sewers are infested with gators. As Ace Dante investigates, it becomes clear there’s something far worse beneath the streets, and it’s out for revenge.

(Chase The Dark is Soul Eater Series side story. It can be read as a stand alone or at any time during the series).” – Goodreads

Review: I read this before any of the books in the series. It was fine as a standalone. I didn’t feel confused or that I was missing pieces. Just felt like I wanted more and wanted to read the main series. So job well done. Shows a lot of promise.

I just liked that there were no morally white people, everyone was grey or full of darkness. That being said even the grey/dark character had some specks of goodness there. It just took a lot of work to let that side out.

Poo. Sewers. Ew.