Goodreads: Adrift (Staying Afloat #1)

Author: Isabelle Adler

Published: 30th January 2017 (NineStar Press)

Source: Requested copy from Publisher

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Some jobs are just too good to be true.

Captain Matt Spears learns this the hard way after a mysterious employer hires his ship to hunt down an ancient alien artifact but insists on providing his own pilot. Ryce Faine is handsome and smart, but Matt has rarely met anyone more obnoxious. With tensions running high, it isn’t until they are attacked by the hostile Alraki that Matt grudgingly begins to respect Ryce’s superior skills, respect that transforms into a tentative attraction.

Little did he know that their biggest challenge would be reaching their destination, an abandoned alien base located on a distant moon amid a dense asteroid field. But when Matt learns that Ryce isn’t completely who he says he is and the artifact is more than he bargained for, he is faced with a difficult choice. One that might change the balance of forces in the known galaxy.

Matt doesn’t take well to moral dilemmas; he prefers the easy way out. But that might not be possible anymore, when his past comes back to haunt him at the worst possible moment. When faced with a notorious pirate carrying a personal grudge, the fragile connection Matt has formed with Ryce might be the only thing that he can count on to save them both.” – Goodreads

Review: This book has an M/M relationship, if you have an issue with that don’t read it. That relationship is only a very small part of the story. The sci-fi elements of the story were very well done and done simply. It wasn’t overly complicated or confusing. Or maybe I am just a nerd and I understood everything just fine.

I liked how the crew was more of a family than anything. Would have been nicer to see more or know more about the other people in the story. But with the size of the book, I understand why there really wasn’t much about them. All you knew were that they were good people who the system messed over. The characters are grey but it was nice to see even morally grey people have lines that they just won’t cross.

It wasn’t overly original or anything that screamed at me that made it stand out.

(Disclaimer: I requested a copy from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review)