Goodreads: Compounding Interest (Erter & Dobbs 0.5)

Author: Nick Keller

Published: 5th July 2017

Source: From Author’s Website

Rating: 4/5 (Really like it)

Official Summary: “It’s a normal day for L.A. Detective Bernie Dobbs, so why can’t he sleep? Between ex-con informants, an angelic vixen, loser gambling junkies, an Armenian death-row killer, a vicious hitman and a slimy, money-grubbing bookie, he finds himself embroiled in a complex web of half-truths and complete lies. Throw in some Jineo Cartel boys and a whole lot of guns and, yeahโ€”just another day. Only this one never seems to end. And all Bernie wants is a goddamn nap.” – Goodreads

(No Disclaimer – I wanted to read this book, it being free from the Author’s site was just a bonus.)

Review: This is a novella sitting at 87 pages. An excellent prequel to the whole series. I really enjoyed it, it was a solid story. There wasn’t anything left out, you got to see the character for who he was. A hard-ass, swearing big kick-ass cop. Rules? Who needs them. Not when you are protecting innocent people. The one thing I really like about Dobbs is that he a real person. He has his issues, he has his flaws. He human. You connect with him on some level.

I very much like how each story is adding to the series. It making you get more involved the more you read.

Would I Recommend it? Yes. Go to the Author’s site. It free there.