Goodreads: Proof the Novel

Author: Ted D. Berner

Published: 8th July 2015 (Grigori Publishing)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary:A controversial verse in the Bible sparks college graduate student Ty Larson’s curiosity causing him to stumble onto the faint trace of an ancient advanced civilization that’s been all but lost to the sands of time. It soon becomes apparent that he’s not the only one with an interest in this long-lost civilization, but the others who share this interest and what their intentions are remain a mystery. Wading through legends and folklore, clues begin materializing that lead Ty down a bizarre path, uncovering the secrets of the massive stone structures scattered across the globe from the distant past. From the timeworn ruins in the high mountains of Bolivia and Peru to the colossal megaliths in Baalbek, Lebanon to the Great Pyramid itself, Ty unknowingly inches ever closer to unearthing the disturbing truth of the origins of mankind.

Although this novel is fiction, it’s based on fact, Biblical scripture, texts found in the Dead Sea scrolls omitted from the Bible, and many other stories from around the world that millions believe to be true. ” – Goodreads

Review: I am not religious, I have never read the bible. I did go a primary school that was religious, so I do know some things. So now that you know my life onto the review. I found this book really interesting. I like how the Author took all his research and made it into a story. It sucks you in and makes you go hmm I didn’t know that. Wow, really that many things say that? This book leaves you with questions and makes you think about things you wouldn’t normally think about.

Because a huge amount of it is research, sometimes your not sure what is the research and what is the Author dramatizing to make the novel. So you are in some area left going, I wonder if that is fact or not.

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Author. Does not affect my review)