Goodreads: Gun Kiss

Author: Khaled Talib

Published: 1st December 2017 (Imajin Books)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 1/5 (Did not like it)

Official Summary: “A stolen piece of history, an abducted actress and international intrigue…

When the Deringer pistol that shot Abraham Lincoln is stolen and ends up in the hands of a Russian military general, covert agent Blake Deco is tasked by the FBI to head to the Balkans to recover the historical weapon. Meanwhile, the United States media is abuzz with news of the mysterious disappearance of Hollywood movie star, Goldie St. Helen.

After Blake’s return from overseas, he receives a tip from a Mexican friend that a drug lord, obsessed with the beautiful actress, is holding her captive in Tijuana. With the help of a reluctant army friend, Blake mounts a daring rescue. What he doesn’t expect is to have feelings for Goldie—or that a killer is hunting them.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer: I got a copy from the Author, this does not affect my review in anyway)

Review: The main issue I had with this book was the characters. Their actions and words just felt like a contradiction to what the Author was trying to say about their character. They felt bad when someone died, or when something happened. Yet did very little to avoid hurting others. Did the most obvious, hide very very close people. Everyone else *shrugs* oh well.

Was a lot of action. Too much? Yes. I felt if half the action was gone and it focused more on the action that happened, it would have come across better. More detailed more skilled. More intense. After a while I just felt ‘oh another helicopter?’ I became immune to the action. Bit fun at the beginning and then just nothing. No feelings were involved.


Spoilers, you’ve been warned. So she just survived attempted rape and you want to ask her out? Why was everyone trying to hook them up? Like seriously days after. Every male key character was trying to hook them up. It just came across as unfeeling to the whole situation she just survived. It was brushed over too easy. Blake fell in love with her like instantly. Had seen her once, when he rescued her and now he in love.

So your agent gets killed. And your whole staff and restaurant got blown up killing 78 people. Days after your so over the moon you got a new agent, oh and your now going to start a new restaurant. It came across so callous. Someone is out to kill all your friends and anyone you care about. So why purposely make it easy. Lets have a birthday party, lets go have a dinner without bodyguards, when you know your location just got leaked. You just got a load of innocent people killed, oh well. There were no emotions involved at all it felt. Other than I love her, he loves me. Someone died, cry for a sentence and move on. Lets make a movie, director gets killed. Lets go make another movie. Whole cast and crew gets blown up? Oh well. (Sorry for saying oh well so much, just a little frustrated)

Blake is ex-delta, someone killing everything around you. Why the f has he not gone all delta on the guy’s butt?

Would I recommend it? Honestly no. Sorry.