Blam! Do you guys like it? Laura Cast is my pen name. Laura Freestone is just way too long. Also, Cast is an old gaming nick I go by now and then.

I had a lovely artist from Twitch make me it, had him make another for me and some more hopefully;

So when is the book out? Never! Just joking, right now the book is mainly finished. What’s done?

  • Completely written
  • Book Cover
  • Beta-read
  • Professionally edited
  • Professionally proofread


What is next?

  • Blurb – Talking with a kind lady about this
  • Author Photo – contacted a guy to make me an avatar (why look at my face when you could look at my dog’s)
  • ISBN
  • Formatting (making some inquiries about this)
  • Another site?
  • Facebook page?
  • Loads of other random crap

I have also started the second in the series. The plan is to get the second done, possible first in the next series I am planning and a fourth. Either in another sci-fi series or a fantasy one.

Scrap Vulture 1st draft is done. That’s gone off to a development editor.


So what do you guys think?