Goodreads: Chosen (The Brindle Dragon #1)

Author: Jada Fisher

Published: 30th December 2019 (Fairfield Publishing)

Source: Audible Copy from Author

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “She is destined to soar with the dragons, but first…she needs to be chosen.

Eist was born to be a dragon rider, she just knows it. When fate conspires to take her parents and leave her orphaned and injured, her future appears bleak. Unwilling to back down, she must overcome a system stacked against her. Even if she passes all the tests, there’s no guarantee she will ever fly on a dragon. Can she beat the odds and find her destiny or will she be stranded on the ground?” – Goodreads

Review: I like how she doesn’t let anything get to her, yes now and then she fires back with some great one-liners, but overall she just focuses on what she wants. To become a dragon rider or someone who helps dragons. She knows it in her bones. Her family history helps her, but she doesn’t abuse her parent’s passing to give her that extra edge. Which just shows who she is.

Kept me hooked and highly entertained.

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the Author. Does not affect my review)