Sorry but I have to share this guys, it had me in stitches. Hope you guys find the humour in it as well. I won’t be saying the person name just because, well I am not a dick.

So I get an email for a review request. Nothing new right? It was one line. Sadly that isn’t anything new either. But quite frankly, I am getting a little fed up of the one-liners. I generally just reply back with a No and leave it like that. Not this time. One line requests just scream “I couldn’t be fucked”, “here you do the work”. They don’t link the book, sometimes they don’t even give the book title, so your in complete lala land. Going to cover up the names, so anyway here is the first email I got;

J@”@% from Blah blah thought you might like to take a look at my new book. I’m looking for reviews on Amazon, particularly, but I would appreciate any light.

They did give me an amazon link. Which is something but again, screams laziness right? So I reply back with;

Sorry but no thank you. You really need to put in more effort to your request emails.

And this was the reply back I got;

Jump in a lake you boujee twit.

I shit you not, I was in tears for a good whole minute. I couldn’t leave well alone so I replied again;

No thanks. Have a good day. 

No reply since. Hope this brightens your day. You guys had any interesting incidents yourselves?