Goodreads: Lines of Departure (Frontlines, #2)

Author: Mark Kloos

Published: 28th January 2014 (47North)

Source: Scribd

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “Vicious interstellar conflict with an indestructible alien species. Bloody civil war over the last habitable zones of the cosmos. Political unrest, militaristic police forces, dire threats to the solar system…

Humanity is on the ropes, and after years of fighting a two-front war with losing odds, so is Commonwealth Defense Corps officer Andrew Grayson. He dreams of dropping out of the service one day, alongside his pilot girlfriend, but as warfare consumes entire planets and conditions on Earth deteriorate, he wonders if there will be anywhere left for them to go.

After surviving a disastrous spaceborne assault, Grayson is reassigned to a ship bound for a distant colony—and packed with malcontents and troublemakers. His most dangerous battle has just begun.” – Goodreads

Review: I just love how this series is so grey. There is no real right or wrong. Humans fighting among themselves even when their very species is at risk. Even with an alien species destroying lives, humans still fight each other. It’s so real to human nature.

Was great to see returning characters from the first book, always great to see the badasses coming back to wipe some more butts.