Goodreads: Commune (Commune #1)

Author: Joshua Gayou

Published: 19th February 2019 (Aethon Books)

Source: Audible

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary:Is survival worth the loss of humanity?

Finding a friend in the apocalypse isn’t easy. And for Jake Martin, ever since the plague wiped out 99% of humanity, it’s been damn-near impossible. Life has become an endless trek for canned food, shelter, and avoiding those who’ve turned to killing for anything all while trying not to become a killer himself.

When Jake encounters an elderly wanderer named Billy on the highway to ruined Las Vegas, everything changes. Billy reminds him of life before the end of the world, of when being human meant acting like more than a mindless beast. Although their bond quickly grows, two men don’t make a commune.

Together, they stumble upon a gang of scavengers keeping Amanda Contreras and her daughter prisoner, and using the mother to fulfill their base needs. Jake and Billy decide it’s time to stop just looking out for themselves.

After risking everything to break the girls free, their commune grows to four. Now, they must all learn to cooperate if they’re to survive in a primitive, hostile world in search of a new home. Each of them will learn how far they’re willing to go to continue living… or if living is even worth it.” – Goodreads

Review: I have to give the Author due credit, he really does know his stuff. I always enjoy books where I both enjoy the story and world-building, but also learn new things. He knows a lot, even some things I would never have even though about. You could tell the Author was sharing both his passion for writing and his passion for prepping.