Goodreads: Vorn and the First Comers: Kushlan Silvertongue: Tales from Argenterra

Author: Donna Maree Hanson

Published: 30th April 2019 (Aust Speculative Fiction)

Source: Free copy from Newsletter

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “A choice between life or death…

Kushlan Silvertongue has been commissioned to write the Tales of the First Comers, Tales of Argenterra.

This novella is the story of Vorn and the First Comers and their journey from violence and death to the beautiful magical land of Argenterra, the Silverland.

Follow the mighty warrior, Vorn, as he leads his people to safety in Argenterra. Discover the origins of the given magic and how the first comers made the oaths that secured that magic forever.” – Goodreads

Review: Was a nice taster to the Authors writing and world building. The world she has built is so rich, so many areas it could go in to. You didn’t see a whole load of the science fiction element, there were hints at it, would be nice to see that side to it more. That said the fantasy elements were really well thoughtout and intriguing.