Goodreads: The Line Between

Author: Tosca Lee

Published: 29th January 2019 (Howard Books)

Source: From Publicist

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary:In this frighteningly believable thriller from New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee, an extinct disease re-emerges from the melting Alaskan permafrost to cause madness in its victims. For recent apocalyptic cult escapee Wynter Roth, it’s the end she’d always been told was coming.

When Wynter Roth is turned out of New Earth, a self-contained doomsday cult on the American prairie, she emerges into a world poised on the brink of madness as a mysterious outbreak of rapid early onset dementia spreads across the nation.

As Wynter struggles to start over in a world she’s been taught to regard as evil, she finds herself face-to-face with the apocalypse she’s feared all her life—until the night her sister shows up at her doorstep with a set of medical samples. That night, Wynter learns there’s something far more sinister at play and that these samples are key to understanding the disease.

Now, as the power grid fails and the nation descends into chaos, Wynter must find a way to get the samples to a lab in Colorado. Uncertain who to trust, she takes up with former military man Chase Miller, who has his own reasons for wanting to get close to the samples in her possession, and to Wynter herself.” – Goodreads

Review: I honestly didn’t know what I was expecting when I started this. Ended up being pleasantly surprised by the story. Not really read anything before that had a cult type storyline mixed in. That being said, I didn’t really want to know more about that side. I wanted to know more about this illness and what it was doing to people, how people were combating it.

But then again I am more of a science fiction fan, than the religious side of things. I like how it ended, left the world and story open to expansion. Be nice to see where the Author heads with it.

(Disclaimer: I received a copy from the Publicist working with the Publisher and Author. Does not affect my review)