Title: Encounters – Cara Mia (Solis Invicti First Short Story)

Author: Josie Jaffrey

Source: This short is exclusive to members of Josie Jaffrey’s Readers’ Club

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “The apocalypse starts like this: a dead girl with a silver handprint shimmering under her skin.

But for Cara Alton, that’s where it ended.

It’s time to hear her story, because this is how the end of the world really began: with a kiss.” – Author’s Website

Review: It was nice to see another glimpse into the world the Author has made. It does get a little…erm heating in one scene. So just be aware of that. I really need to get onto reading the rest of the series by the Author. This Author knows how to suck you in.

(How to get a copy? –  Follow this link)