Goodreads: The Museum of Second Chances (Tomorrow’s Ancestors #1)

Author: A.E Warren

Published: 17th February 2018 (Locutions Press)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 5/5 (Loved it)

Official Summary: “What happens when the future recaptures the past?

In a post-apocalyptic world the human race has evolved beyond us through genetic engineering – and we’ve been left behind to make amends for the damage inflicted on the earth. The reversal of the extinction of long lost animals is key to our reparations and all of these are housed in the Museum of Evolution, along with another species of human that hasn’t existed for 30,000 years.

Elise belongs to the lowest order of humans, the Sapiens. She lives with her parents in an ostracised community of impoverished, ecological houses, built to blend with an idyllic landscape. Deciding to widen her stagnating life in the manufacturing base, she takes a chance opportunity to become a Companion to a previously extinct species of human.

But Elise has secrets of her own that threaten to be exposed now that she is away from the safety of her home. And while living in the museum, Elise realises that little separates her from the other exhibits…” – Goodreads

Review: This is one of those stories that take you on a journey. Normally I hate slow paced stories, but with this, I loved it. With every page and new interaction, it just added more to the whole world being built. The Author let the story breath, let it tell itself.

The story is very original, it not far from what could actually happen in the future, if things panned out that way. I just loved the whole idea, it made the story very interesting. Different species of humans.

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the Author. Does not affect my review)