I won’t even apologize for the crap picture. It difficult taking a picture of your own arm lol. As you can see the background is upside down. I had to rotate the image. Also, the square around it is a rushed job on paint.

Right then, try and ignore the other tattoos. I explained about my first tattoo, years ago.


So what is it? A wolf on a cliff, howling at the moon. The part with no ink is the moon. All of it is dot work. I got this tattoo shortly after I got my dog, Missy. This tattoo isn’t about her, though it does tie in nicely. If you ignore the moon, cliff and wolf. That is the original picture I found of this tattoo. I liked it. So thought why not? I like wolves so again why not? It also ties in with a story idea I have. Wolf Girl. The whole sleeve idea for my arm is storyboards.