I am no blogging expert. I am learning as I’m going. Some things I fuck up, somethings I pick up. Most things I just wing it. Either way here 1 thing I’ve learnt as a book blogger part 32;dwqdw

I am not afraid to admit I hate cheese. Its okay on pizza but otherwise, hell no. Not going to lie as well, I just ate a McFlurry that I had in my freezer for like 2 weeks. Right sorry getting distracted.

Be yourself. There is zero point in being a sheep and following what everyone else is doing, if doing that is just going to make you miserable. This is your time, your hobby, your passion. Why do it in a way that in the end, doesn’t make you happy? It just makes no sense.

As book bloggers, we already put enough stress on ourself. Don’t lie, you know you do! So don’t add to that stress. On that note, I wish I could swear more on my reviews but Amazon is an asshole when it comes to language and I am too lazy to edit it out. (I love you Amazon, don’t hurt me)