Goodreads: Fatal Voyage (Temperance Brennan #4)

Author: Kathy Reichs

Published: 2008 (Arrow Books)

Source: Charity Shop

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “KATHY REICHS, whom Ann Rule calls “in a class by herself,” burst onto the publishing scene with “Deja Dead,” the international bestseller of which P. D. James wrote: “The strength of her novel is in the insight it gives into the scientific procedures of a murder investigation.” Now, with her dazzling new forensic thriller “Fatal Voyage,” Reichs applies her cutting-edge scientific know-how to the probe of a heartbreaking commercial airliner crash.
Temperance Brennan hears the news on her car radio. An Air TransSouth flight has gone down in the mountains of western North Carolina, taking with it eighty-eight passengers and crew. As a forensic anthropologist and a member of the regional DMORT team, Tempe rushes to the scene to assist in body recovery and identification.” – Goodreads (Not full blurb)

Review: I don’t know why but I got a little annoyed with how emotional she got. She is a strong woman, a professional. Getting so upset about someone going after her career, just found annoying. I was more expecting her to get angry and then get even.

I think this will be the last book for me in the series. I just can’t seem to enjoy them as much as I do other crime stories. Nothing wrong with the Author’s work, just not for me.