Goodreads: Aftermath (The Remaining #2)

Author: D.J. Molles

Published: 24th June 2014 (Orbit)

Source: Old Birthday Present(Physical Book – Listed to it on Audible)

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “To Captain Lee Harden, Project Hometown feels like a distant dream and the completion of his mission seems unattainable.

Wounded and weaponless, he has stumbled upon a group of survivors that seems willing to help. But a tragedy in the group causes a deep rift to come to light and forces him into action. In the chaos of the world outside, Lee is pursued by a new threat: someone who will stop at nothing to get what he has.” – Goodreads

Review: I read the first book ages ago and immediately got the rest in the series. It has taken me a few years to then start the rest in the series. I regret that now after listening to the second in the series. I forgot how good it was. I just like how with this series it follows a few days, a week or two. The individual books don’t cover months and months at a time. Which allows more detail, more tense and more suspense built over days.

Even though he has all this training and background preparation. He not superman. Everything still takes time and work. Nothing is free in this new world built by the Author. People who don’t earn their place will not last.