Good Night, Sweet Baby by Nate Henry

The Little Star Fisher by Rachel Morgan


LF: Tell us about yourself.

NH: I spend most of my “me” time creating. I write books, poems and music. I read quite a bit and nearly all of my fun reading is disconnecting into science fiction books. I’m a husband and father of 4 children (ages 2 – 10).

LF: How did the idea for Good Night, Sweet Baby come about?

NH: Good Night, Sweet Baby is a fairly accurate portrayal of what my oldest daughter and I would do on a lazy weekend day when I’d be at home watching her while my wife was out and about running errands for the family. We love to be goofy and loud and wild. We make lots of messes, but we always come together as a team to clean them up moments before my wife gets home. When I would put my daughter to bed at night –– especially when she was 2 or 3 –– we’d always talk about what we were going to do the next day. I think it helped her having something to look forward to when she wasn’t really feeling the whole go-to-bed thing. So… I’d lay out a plan of what we would do the next day which is basically the whole premise of Good Night, Sweet Baby.

LF: Can you explain Watercourse Books to people and how it came about?

NH: Watercourse Books came about because I am always creating and have always wanted to write books. Kids books, especially ones with a lot of rhymes have always been appealing to me. They are fun to listen to and read. When I read books to my kids at night they often seem to want to read the same books over and over, so the books might as well be fun! I formed this company with a long-standing friend, Rachel Morgan, because I knew the books would come together more painlessly and the end product would be beautiful. The Watercourse name comes from the smooth journey to get to your destination. If you think about water and the course it takes to overcome an obstacle, it always takes the path of least resistance. I try to model my life after that approach wherever possible. Sometimes my ego wants me to take the painful, difficult route but it’s often not the best path.

LF: Are you currently working on anything now? Or any plans in the future?

NH: We are working on a couple of new books right now and have plans to release at least 8 more in total. It’s all part of a plan to build up an inventory of titles we are proud of and feel represent a quality body of work for the company. The majority of the time we are spending on the company is working to find more ways to distribute and sell our books. Making them is the easy part 🙂

40618236LF: How hard was it to find a great Illustrator for your book?

NH: This all fell together really nicely for us. We tested a few illustrators before we decided to go with Marta Magnetti Codrai, who also illustrated another gorgeous title of ours –– The Little Star Fisher. Rachel and I have a background of building processes and services from the ground up and on a shoestring budget, so we started our initial search on Fiverr and other freelance sources in hopes of finding a cheap solution to really high quality. But… you get what you pay for. We selected Marta for our first 2 books and have since made her a permanent part of the company. She’s a wonderfully skilled asset to our team, has a great creative mind and brings a fun energy to our work.

LF: Anything else you would like to add?

NH: I really appreciate the opportunity to share this story with you and your readers. Creating is such an important part of my life. I work a normal 9 to 5 like most and my creative outlets are huge to my feeling of emotional and spiritual balance. I love sharing what we’ve created and hope our titles find themselves in the hands of your readers! Thank you so much!!