Goodreads: The Inconvenient God

Author: Francesca Forrest

Published: 10th October 2018 (Annorlunda Books)

Source: Copy from Publisher

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “What happens if you try to retire a god who is not ready to leave?

An official from the Ministry of Divinity arrives at a university to decommission a local god. She is expecting an easy decommissioning of a waning god of mischief but finds instead an active god not interested in retiring and university administrators who have not told her the full story about the god. Can the Decommisioner discover the true story of this god in time to prevent his most destructive round of mischief yet?” – Goodreads

Review: This is the third book I have read by the Publisher and I have to say, they haven’t disappointed me yet. So much is packed into a small amount of pages, they always make you hungry for more of the little glimpses you see. They make you think, make the story side of your brain think. If that small part is like that, wonder what the rest of the world is like?

It was so uniquely done; the story was so fresh and new. It was extremely fast read, satisfying but at the same time, I did want more. I wanted to see another story or just see more of this unique world that has been built.

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the Publisher. Does not affect my review)