Goodreads: The Silver Queen (Sovereign #2)

Author: Josie Jaffrey

Published: 17th October 2018

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “The last city on Earth is contaminated. Now blood is the only thing that can wash it clean.

Julia is trapped inside the Blue as the Nobles fight over the few humans who are still alive. When the dust settles and she finds herself shackled to a new master, she knows she must escape or die.

Meanwhile, Cam has gathered a handful of comrades and is on his way into the Red to rescue his queen. But not all of his friends can be trusted, and not all of them will make it back alive.

The Silver Queen is the second book in Josie Jaffrey’s Sovereign trilogy, set in a dystopian Europe where vampiric Nobles control the last remnants of the human race.” – Goodreads

Review: Really enjoying this series, I really need to catch up on the other Author’s work. The Author has a very great ability to immediately suck you into the story, to suck you into the world she has built. You feel for the characters, you want to see how they survive.

Everything is in grey, there is no pure good and no pure bad.  The characters you see as the ‘bad’ guys you know there are multiple layers to why they do what they do. Survive, need for attention, need to feel something. Yes, they go about it the wrong way, but in a sense, you do understand why they are doing what they are doing.

Can’t wait for the next book. There is a next book right?!

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the Author. Does not affect my review)