Fuck me. So a few things I have learnt moving house.

Why is buying a normal toaster so annoying? So bought one cheap one, wide slots, can I fit normal sized bread in it? Nope. So I think right, I need to go up in price. Nope, I get a posh one, still won’t fit normal bread in it. I had to specifically search for a toaster that fits all bread sizes. Like seriously why was it so hard to find a toaster that fits the everyday sized bread, everyone buys. My mind is just like blown.

Why does it take so long for an engineer to fit the internet? The Internet is everywhere, I am just surprised they don’t have more engineers. Oh and he came and would have had to fit me a whole new cable to my flat. Which would have involved me getting the landlord’s permissions to do. My landlord just had the building repointed at the front, so a big ass black cable on a nicely painted front building. I don’t think so. So had to go back to the original provider of the internet in the flat. Which will cost me £15 more a month. So I should have had internet on the 10th, took me until the 13th to get internet.

You know what? Having no internet was relaxing, I didn’t read as much as I should have but that was because I wanted to relax. I wanted to do f all. I didn’t want to read books that I needed to do reviews on, I just wanted some me time to play that silly farm game for hours on end. To watch some movies, I had been putting off for ages.

Missy my dog has already started gardening, she has been shredding bushes. Her big plastic ball gets stuck up under them, so she thinks why not? Let’s chew and pull some bushes.

Moving house wasn’t as bad as I thought. It more the no internet that was a little weird. I turn on my computer and automatically I was trying to open the web browser, full well knowing I had no internet. Habits.

Oh, I finished a short story, need to edit it. Couldn’t do that without internet which is just annoying.

*throws cheese and cookies*