6th September until 30th September, Shari is hosting a giveaway for her book. Here are the details if anyone is interested. It for a signed copy. I have reviewed the book myself. I enjoyed it, was a great book.

My review

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Book Blurb

** Nothing is ever what it seems. ** From award-winning journalist Shari Lopatin comes her highly praised and riveting debut novel, “The Apollo Illusion,” a science fiction and dystopian suspense about a future society’s frightening over-dependence on technology. A must-read for today’s generation of older teenagers, college students, and millennials.

The year is 2150, and bullied nineteen-year-old Flora can no longer ignore the burning curiosity to learn what’s behind the towering Wall surrounding her home state of Apollo. Citizens still read books, discuss philosophy, and send text messages, but questioning The Other Side is forbidden.

When Flora’s naïveté accidentally reveals a dark secret about Apollo, she’s forced into an isolated web of truth, lies, and survival. Fearing for her life, she leaves behind a clue for her childhood friend, Andrew, placing her last hope in their special bond.

THE APOLLO ILLUSION is a story for the hackers, the techies, the seekers, and the rebels of the world.

* Audience: young adults (older teens) and millennials
* Rating: PG-13 for some sexuality and occasional language
* Genres: dystopian suspense, science fiction, speculative fiction, YA


Enter the Giveaway

To enter the giveaway, sign up for Shari’s email list, “The Readers Club” before Sept. 30, 2018. Then, on Oct. 3, Shari will randomly select two lucky winners from the list of giveaway participants. You could be one of them!


  1. Sign up for Shari’s “Readers Club” at this link: https://mailchi.mp/128965a01501/apollo-illusion-giveaway-entry.
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