Goodreads: The Colonist

Author: Jeremy Kester

Published: 2nd August 2018

Source: Free from Amazon

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “Daryline doesn’t understand why Penelope doesn’t like anyone in the colony. She also doesn’t understand why Penelope decided to run off, away from the safety that the colony provided. Now Daryline has been assigned the ungrateful task of accompanying a small team to bring back the last person any of them wished to have return. If that person could be brought back at all. On a strange planet with stranger features, the team must navigate the terrain to find their fellow colonist. If something else doesn’t find them first.” – Goodreads

Review: This was an extremely fast read at 20 pages. It packed a punch. Death, new alien life, a different planet. Tension, drama, it had it all. Which is extremely hard to do in 20 pages. So big well done to the Author.