Goodreads: Rapture

Author: Alex P. Wu

Published: 28th December 2017

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “In the year 2068, followers of The Pure are vanishing from Earth. It’s rapture, as predicted in their scriptures. At least that is what the religion’s faithful believe.

To conspiracy theorists, the disappearances are a nefarious government plot. To the government, they’re merely human foul-play. To Reiko Liebenstadt, a disgraced agent at the Federal Protectorate, the mystery is her obsession. On the case that sank her career, she alone witnessed a Purist vanish from a canoe in the middle of a lake.

Reiko’s investigation of The Pure leads her to a world ravaged by disease and war. She uncovers the real reason she was chosen for the assignment, the hidden meanings in the prophecies of the scriptures, and the ultimate fate of those raptured.

The truth is far from heavenly.” – Goodreads

Review: The story was so different and unique to what I have been reading so far, sci-fi wise. The story can come across as harsh in some places but that is just the reality they live in. Faced with what would happen if you were captured, death is an easy choice. I like how as well that the Author touched darker subjects, it added that extra weight to why they were fighting.

The main character has complete androgen insensitivity syndrome. Which means she is genetically male, but with external appearance of female. She refers to herself as female. It was great to see a main character who isn’t the ‘norm’.

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Author. Does not affect my review)