Goodreads: The Last Dog

Author: Dawn Greenfield Ireland

Published: 30th November 2017 (Artistic Origins)

Source: Audible – Copy from Author

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “After the Unified World Pact of 2045, people lived in a state of peace and prosperity previously unknown in human history. The World Guild, a new global government, managed all the needs of humanity and the animals it loved.

Then in 2086, a security breach of Xavier Labs in Colorado and Zheng Industries in China released the deadly experimental agent XSKL435. Anyone outside was dead within minutes.

As statistics on the death toll are gathered from all over the world, Abby, the six-week old dog-daughter of Bill and Teresa Maxwell, was one of only four known surviving canines. News services soon announce that the other three dogs had succumbed to the deadly poison. Abby was now the last dog.

You’re invited on a journey with a puppy who longs for home after she is confiscated and held captive at a lab, and the family who are determined to get her back at all costs.

After escaping from the lab, Abby must quickly learn how to survive in the wild. Bill and Teresa must devise a plan to find Abby without being arrested themselves.

Neither Abby, or her parents know whether their plans will work, if they will survive the journey, or if they will be reunited. But love of family drives them onward. ” – Goodreads

Review: First off we need to take a moment, to mourn the loss of the shrunk.

Now that is done, moving on. I took a little to get used to the idea of dogs/cats as peoples actual children. With a world where only 1 in 100 women can have children, it does make sense. Hell, I view my dog as my baby, but it did still take a little to get used too. That and a talking dog. That funny enough was easier to accept.

The story was just so original and unique. I’ve never read anything close to it before. Which kept it so fresh and exciting. You really felt for all the characters and what they were going through.

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the Author. Does not affect my review)