Goodreads: The High Druid’s Blade (The Defenders of Shannara #1)

Author: Terry Brooks

Published: 8th July 2014 (Del Ray)

Source: Audible

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Legend has it that Paxon Leah is descended from the royals and warriors who once ruled the Highlands and waged war with magical weapons. But those kings, queens, and heroes are long gone, and there is nothing enchanted about the antique sword that hangs above Paxon’s fireplace. Running his family’s modest shipping business, Paxon leads a quiet life—until extraordinary circumstances overturn his simple world . . . and rewrite his destiny.

When his brash young sister is abducted by a menacing stranger, Paxon races to her rescue with the only weapon he can find. And in a harrowing duel, he is stunned to discover powerful magic unleashed within him—and within his ancestors’ ancient blade. But his formidable new ability is dangerous in untrained hands, and Paxon must master it quickly because his nearly fatal clash with the dark sorcerer Arcannen won’t be his last. Leaving behind home and hearth, he journeys to the keep of the fabled Druid order to learn the secrets of magic and earn the right to become their sworn protector.

But treachery is afoot deep in the Druids’ ranks. And the blackest of sorcery is twisting a helpless innocent into a murderous agent of evil. To halt an insidious plot that threatens not only the Druid order but all the Four Lands, Paxon Leah must summon the profound magic in his blood and the legendary mettle of his elders in the battle fate has chosen him to fight.” – Goodreads

Review: The going back to the same place x3 to find the same bad guy in the same place got a little old. I enjoyed it but at the same time, I did get bored. It didn’t suck me in as much as his original series did. It was a nice touch the Author relaying information from past events (books). Though at the same time it did make me go what? I don’t remember that happening. I need to re-read the other series.

The narrator did a really good job with some of the accents. I felt like I was listening to a video game sometimes, the voice acting was on point.