Goodreads: In the Dark

Author: Becca Fox

Published: 17th January 2018 (Tirgearr Publishing)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “How far would you go to save your family?

Movies and books have made being a monster sound cool.

Lindsay can’t wear silver jewelry or get drunk with her friends, but hey, she sprouts fur and fangs during the full moon. Totally rad, right? Not. Forget about exploring the beast within, Lindsay just wants to graduate from nursing school. When a stroll in the park ends with her and her little brother being surrounded by masked goons who want to sell them overseas, Lindsay has no choice but to change.” – Goodreads (Full blurb is massive)

Review: I really like how the story was told, you went on a journey of discovery with the main character. She is a werewolf but knew very little of her kind. It was the way she wanted it. It felt like there were 2 families, the werewolf family and then the family of strangers who found themselves kidnapped. Even though they didn’t really know each other, they fought and helped each other to survive.

The Author did a really great job of building the tension and building the story from the very first page. Straight from the first page, you are thrown into the deep end with the characters. In a way, it showed you deep down who they were, the type of person they were. It was like a crash course into each character. With being so many new characters at the start of the story it was a great way to get to know them.

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Author. Does not affect my review)