The year is 2015, Anna Smith is a police officer from a town called London, on a planet called Earth. What if you realized everything was a lie? That the year is 2225 and the place you live is a tourist attraction. She does what she has always done. Catch the bad people, because it doesn’t matter what year it is, there will always be criminals. 

(Excuse the blurb, I literally just pooped it out of my brain. I need to spend some time on it)

So far I am 5 solid chapters into it, working on the 6th now. My chapters are pretty small only about 3-4 pages. I am not aiming for a massive story.

The sci-fi elements to the story are going to be pretty light, the main focus will be solving the crime. You see the sci-fi elements via a new person coming to London –  Jessica Wu. London has normal crime; drugs, drunk people messing about, thefts and assaults. It never has murder or kidnapping. So when a girl shows up, who had been kidnapped. Jessica Wu comes from a galactic security firm to solve the case.

The main viewpoint will be Anna Smith who was born on ‘Earth’. She a PC Officer. Still toying with the idea of having the ‘bad’ guys viewpoint, maybe an odd chapter here and there.

What can I add to make it sound less shit? Erm the world built is only one of many on the planet. Anna lives in a very small area of it. You have 80% of the population who were born in London or taken there and had their memory wiped. The main goal behind London is to show what the past used to be like, how the social/criminal side of things was messed up. How backward everything was. People pay a lot of money to immerse themselves in the past. Some even pay to live there. The people who are ‘born’ there are chipped, so anything they see that is futurist is either changed to look like something mundane or completely invisible. Anna’s chip isn’t fully working, or someone has purposely altered it. So she can see somethings that she not suppose too. Which leads her to working with Jessica, that and Anna found the girl.

(Still reading? Damn okay, thank you.)

I plan on maybe having lesbian/bi undertones. Nothing in your face, just light dustings here and there. The crime side might get a little dark in places. It won’t be gore for gore sake.

So if you are willing to beta-read for me. I would only send you a chapter or two at a time. I will try not to spam you. With being dyslexic and how my brain works, I just need to see if what I am trying to do is coming across correctly. That and the story isn’t shit lol. More than happy to do the same for you, or review a book and what not. Either way, thank you if you stuck with my long-winded post.

If you are interested please leave a comment or an email. Thanks guys!