Goodreads: A Butler Summer (Naim Bulter #2)

Author: Rahiem Brooks

Published: 3rd July 2018 (Prodigy Gold Books)

Source: Copy from Publisher

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “In Washington, D.C., Naim Butler’s defense strategy takes him to the highest reaches of criminal justice–and political scandal.

Seemingly out of the blue, Naim Butler receives a most desirable challenge to defend a psychopath in a capital murder situation. It seems that his lawyer-sleuth talents are wanted for a particular sensitive case. He’s pleased to discover that he’ll be joined by his partner in crime, in and out of bed, newspaper editor, Brandy Scott.

In the exclusive world to Washington politics, cover-ups and back door deals often go hand-in-hand with private fantasies and corruption. As Naim’s investigation takes him to the multimillion-dollar homes of the city’s elite in Georgetown to the United States District Courthouse, it becomes evident that even suited, insiders-only Washington upper crust has a scandalous side that its top figures want to keep quiet.

Not on Naim Butler’s watch!” – Goodreads

Review: It is classed as romantic suspense, but it didn’t really feel like a romance, not to me. It was more focused on the political/crime side than the relationship. Which is what made me keep on reading, I am not one for the romance side of things.

The crime side of things left you going ‘What is going to happen now?’ ‘Is he crazy or not…’. It hooked you in. You wanted to find out his end goal. Not going to lie with the political side of things, I had no clue. I am not American so I don’t really follow their system. I got what was going on but at the same time, I didn’t know the finer details. This didn’t take away anything from the book.

I didn’t really expect Naim to defend a murderer. I was surprised by that side of things. It added another unknown element to the mix.

(Disclaimer: I received a copy from the Publisher. Does not affect my review)