Goodreads: Zenith (ESS Space Marines #1)

Author: James David Victor

Published: 30th June 2017 (Fairfield Publishing)

Source: Free from Newsletter

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “A perplexing distress call. A missing crew. Only one marine can save them.
Sergeant Andrea “Andy” Dolan leads a squad of fearless marines into the depths of space. After the Star Chaser receives a distress call from the star base Zenith, Andy’s squad is sent to investigate. When all heck breaks lose, there is only one person who can save the crew of the Zenith and her own squad.

Zenith is the first book in the ESS Space Marines series. If you like fast paced space adventures with engaging, and quirky, characters, you will love Zenith.” – Goodreads

Review: It got me hooked from the first page to the last. It did feel like the ‘end’ fight could have been dragged out a bit more, some more suspense and well just more (blood, guts, ninja skills eg). I really want to read the next in the series, so it has done it job really well.

I just like how everything went to poop pretty fast, that the main character picked up on small things very quickly and knew stuff wasn’t right. You could tell she knew her team really well, you didn’t get to know a lot about her team or even her, but the little you did know. You wanted to find out more.

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Author’s newsletter. Doesn’t affect my review)