I am no blogging expert. I am learning as I’m going. Some things I fuck up, somethings I pick up. Most things I just wing it. Either way here 1 thing I’ve learnt as a book blogger part 23;das

At the beginning of my blogging career, I was very naive, innocent and young and…stuff. I was manually adding my book reviews to their own individual site pages. You know the pages at the top. (Of course, you know the pages at the top – sorry) Which you know is a pain in the ass and is annoying to do. I still do it for my book reviews, just to have a complete review list (don’t look at it, haven’t updated it in ages because I am lazy)

Then I found out about magic ie adding categories as pages. So when you do your categories, you don’t need to do anything else, it automatically gets added to the site page. How you ask?


Big thank you to TemplateMonsterCo for your lovely video. I keep it bookmarked because when I go to add a new page, I always forget the process.