Goodreads: The Killing Conscience

Author: Jordan Antonacci

Published: 22nd June 2018

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Still at the beginning of her career, investigative journalist Emilee Weathers is desperate for the perfect story and doesn’t care how she has to get it. When she’s asked to assist in a convicted serial killer’s appeal, it almost seems the perfect story has come banging at her door.

But not long after arriving to the mountain town of Pigeon Forge, Emilee discovers the body of another, more recent victim. With the body showing signatures of the already-convicted murderer, Emilee sets out to discover if she’s happened upon the work of a copycat, or if the real killer was ever even caught. The more she looks though, the murkier everything becomes. Police begin withholding information and the killer seems capable of going any length to protect his identity. On top of it all, when her investigations uncover the buried secrets of those closest to her, Emilee questions who it is she can and can’t trust in those mountains, if anyone at all.” – Goodreads

Review: It felt like a movie reading this story, it would make a really good movie. You didn’t really know what was going on, you were along for the ride with Emilee, the main character. When she finds out new things, you find out at the same time. You are trying to figure it all out with her. The twist was really well done, you don’t see it coming until it happens. So again really well done to the Author for building the suspense and the tension.

The crimes, the situation is nothing overly unique but it was extremely well written and told in just the right way to get you hooked. Emilee isn’t perfect, she fighting her own battles, even with her boyfriend. I think her not being perfect is what makes you drawn to her. Makes you realize the amount of strength she has.

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Author. Does not affect my review.)