Goodreads: The Lost Planet

Author: Cynthia Fridsma

Published: 26th September 2017 (CF)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: – “It’s July 4, 2094. But this isn’t the time to celebrate Independence Day: a civil war ended the very existence of the United States, dividing the Earth into two camps—the Federation and the Alliance. Outside, a deadly smog is commonplace in cities all over the globe.
In this dystopian future, Major Tony Norman wakes up next to the lovely Jessica—a sexy security officer from Logan Airport . Tony doesn’t know it yet, but needing an oxygen mask just to walk outside is the least of his worries when an alien fleet encounter space station Peacekeeper at Saturn. The high council orders him to find a way to communicate with the aliens. But when they destroy Peacekeeper, Tony fears the only language the aliens know is war!
Meanwhile, the alien supreme commander, Ilg, is obsessed with dinosaurs and pet humans. His orders are to bring all pet humans and half-breeds—who are half-human, half-alien—to Earth, after a bloody war ended. But when Ilg finds out about the nuclear threat humans pose to the alien empire Ilg represents, he knows he has to take drastic measures to eliminate the threat .
Down on Earth, the Alliance starts a cyber attack on the Federation. The world is on the brink of World War III shortly after Tony’s new girlfriend faces a deadly encounter with four armed men at Logan Airport.
Will the world fall apart in this deadly game of chess between the aliens, the Alliance, and the Federation, with Tony and his new girlfriend, Jessica, stuck in between? Why is Supreme Commander Ilg so obsessed with dinosaurs? What is all this talk about pet humans and half-breeds? Why does the Alliance put an end to an armed truce with the Federation? After all, both camps have enough nuclear weapons to destroy Earth multiple times over.

Sci-Fi/Thriller fans of a dystopian future will love this exciting book written by Cynthia Fridsma.” – Goodreads (So big like seriously)

Review: I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this. You hear dinosaurs in space and you automatically go – what? Funny enough the way the Author did this it worked. It wasn’t cheesy or over the top. You think dinosaur you think pure aggression but it wasn’t the case. They are intelligent, compassionate and yes a bit ruthless.

The world built was so brilliantly done as well. You didn’t see a whole lot of the dinosaur background, their world. You have snippets here and there but not a whole picture. Very different from Earth, you learned a lot about the history and what has been happening to make Earth the way it is.

(Disclaimer – I received a free copy from Author, does not affect my review)