Goodreads: I Am Apache

Author: Tanya Landman

Published: 26th August 2006 (Walker)

Source: Charity Shop

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary:A young woman seeks to avenge her brother’s death by becoming an Apache warrior — and learns a startling truth about her own identity.

After watching helplessly as Mexican raiders brutally murder her little brother, fourteen-year-old Siki is filled with a desire for vengeance and chooses to turn away from a woman’s path to become a warrior of her Apache tribe. Though some men, like envious Keste, wish to see Siki fail, she passes test after test, and her skills grow under the guidance of her tribe’s greatest warrior, Golahka. But Keste begins to whisper about Siki’s father’s dishonorable death, and even as Siki earns her place among the warriors, she senses a dark secret in her past — one that will throw into doubt everything she knows. Taking readers on a sweeping and suspenseful journey through the nineteenth-century American Southwest, Tanya Landman draws on historical accounts to imagine the Black Mountain Apache as a tribe in a fight for survival against the devastating progress of nations.” – Goodreads

Review: I felt like I learned a lot of history and way things were done in Native American tribes. (I know most of it wasn’t based on facts but some events were passed on real events) Sometimes you forget how brutal and unfair history was to them. How two completely different way of lives collided. One was peaceful and all loving to the earth around them. While the other just wanted everything. It a real shame what happened.

It was nice to see the character develop, you saw most of her journey from a young age into the warrior she became. Even being a woman she had to fight against some people who did not deem it right, but it was more to do with her father than with her gender. No one could argue that she had the right to fight.

The ‘supernatural’ side of things was very well done and wasn’t over complicated. It felt right to the story and felt like it added a nice tone to the story as a whole. Also the history behind the cover picture I felt was a nice touch.