Goodreads: The Book of Iudex (Paralleled 1)

Author: Tachina Eva

Published: 24th November 2017

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “Rose is a post-recession, struggling graduate, who is suddenly taken into a mirrored, shadowy world, where she learns she is the new queen of Iudex. She is rescued by the king of Ignusia, who she later discovers to be the boy who disappeared from their world ten years prior—Declan. With the fate of the kingdom lying in her hands, she must learn fast while avoiding the entanglements of war, escape, and love.” – Goodreads

Review: I liked how unique and different the story was, it put a fresh twist on the fate of kingdoms is in her hands as well as in others. Not sure how her gift will play a role in the next book, it was good to see her learning how to become who she was chosen to be. Yet with this new gift she about to become a super badass.

I liked how she also kept trying to give it back, try and go back to Earth. She didn’t think she was qualified at all to become this new person, to become the queen they need. Which is partly why you can see will make her a great queen. The friendships built around her were extremely well done. Plus added more layers to the story, letting you see parts of the world she wouldn’t normally be able to see.

Romance does play a part in this story, it there but not too overly in your face until the end. The whole curse thing annoyed me a little, but then unbidden love and all that adds a bit more drama to the story.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Author. Does not affect my review)