LF: Tell us about your book, Drunk Detective.

MJC: So, Dotty Davis was born and my attempt at a comedy mystery as opposed to my normal hard-boiled novels is here for the world to judge. And like Dotty, I don’t give a shit about reviews, because, hey, no one knows me…;) She’s a wise ass, but smart and witty—in a dumb kind of way—and complicating her life was fun.

LF: How did the idea/story come about?

MJC: Essentially, I am so used to writing and reading books about unapologetic men that are sleuths and that are slobs. Then one day watching comedian Melissa McCarthy, I envisioned what she would be like as a drunk detective.

LF: It felt very important that you kept Dotty true to who she is as a person. Why was it so important for you?

MJC: Woman are always driven by their image. But for some, letting your hard down and just being a woman isn’t really an option. Imagine the US First Lady or the Duchess of Sussex out and about in some of Dotty’s get ups and hair unkempt. It’ll be hell to pay. Dotty paid hell and paid it no mind. I loved her.35747029

LF: What is one of thing you’ve learned becoming an Author?

MJC: The one thing that I learned is to be diligent and consistent.

LF: Working on anything right now or any plans in the future?

MJC: Right now, I am living like The Drunk Detective without a care in the world. Unless husbands and grown children count.

LF: Anything else you would like to add?

MJC: Yes, read and enjoy, The Drunk Detective, as much as I did writing it.