I am no blogging expert. I am learning as I’m going. Some things I fuck up, somethings I pick up. Most things I just wing it. Either way here 1 thing I’ve learnt as a book blogger part 21;dsdsa

Since I started blogging I have accepted quite a few requests for books I normally wouldn’t touch if I was buying them myself. With getting the books free from Authors/Publishers/Other people, it gives you the option to try new things. I always make sure I am very clear when I accept a book I am unsure whether I will like it or not. I pretty clearly state that I can give it ago, not sure if it is my thing or not. If the Author is fine with that then they just send me the book anyway.

I don’t generally give these books a bad rating either or if I do, I clearly state the book just wasn’t my genre. Pretty much saying no blame to the story or Author, just wasn’t my jam. My thing, my… Okay, I think you get it.

Why? Because sometimes saying yes to weird sounding books you are pleasantly surprised when you really enjoyed it. It gets you out of your comfort zone, makes you think of things outside of the box.

I didn’t swear once in this so. Horseshit.

(10th I won’t be doing a #1, I have an interview with a Publicist I set up. I thought it might be an interesting idea to start a post once a month about something inside the industry – What do you guys think? – Also on the 24th I will be doing spam-some-reviews day again. Feel free to just block or ignore me on that day)