Goodreads: The Song of the Faerie Prince (The Faerie Court Chronicles #3)

Author: Tay LaRoi

Published: 14th May 2018 (NineStar Press LLC)

Source: Copy from Publisher

Rating: 5/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “Sixteen-year-old Gia Johnson is comfortable in the background, but when dark magic looms over her town, her beautiful voice will put her in a spotlight she never imagined: the Seelie Court. To get out alive and save her childhood friend, she’ll have to trust Oliver O’Brian, a trans classmate and a Prince of Faerie, especially when an ancient evil rears its ugly head from the depths of Lake Michigan. All the while, Gia finds herself drawn to Oliver, but what does that mean if she’s always liked girls?” – Goodreads

Review: This takes on a different route to the previous two in the series. You do see some of the other characters appear here and there and only a small glimpse of one of the main characters from the second book.

One of the main characters is transgender and the other main character is bi-racial. One of her parents is black and the other white. She also not a skinny person. (Not skinny either) You could tell from the very beginning that the main focus was to be on these two characters and their struggles. One is hiding the fact that he is a faerie and has completely come to terms with being a boy. While Gia is struggling with ‘labeling’ herself. She so focused on labels and so focused on trying to be ‘perfect’ she made herself be unhappy.

Yes, there is some fighting but you can see the main focus is on these two characters accepting who they are as people. Accepting that labels don’t make you who you are. Labels are for tin cans. Be happy just being you.