Goodreads: Finding Max

Author: Darren Jorgensen

Published: 22nd May 2018 (Creators Publishing)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Five-year-old Max is abducted from a playground on a hot summer day while his brother, Gary, has his back turned. Seventeen years later, Max returns to Gary’s life in a serendipitous twist with a disturbing tale to tell. As they learn to love and trust each other, they must outwit and outrun the nefarious Quinn, who seeks to re-abduct Max for his own evil purposes. Killing Gary and his new girlfriend, Jean, to get them out of his way is just part of his plan. Will they escape? And when all is said and done, will Max and Gary ever truly be freed from the shackles of guilt and pain from the past?

Amid the gritty, harsh landscape of New York City, Finding Max explores those areas of society we seldom like to look at—homelessness, hunger and sexual abuse—with profound delicacy, brutal honesty and compassion. This thrilling novel will keep you reading long into the night.” – Goodreads

Review: I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, it just all felt a little too ‘neat’. After years and years suddenly your brother just appears on your doorstep, also I felt Max believed him too quickly. So I kept waiting for it to head off in a different direction. Once I realised that wasn’t going to happen, I figured out it was going to head in the direction it went. It wasn’t overly predictable. It was unique in its own sense.

The description and talking about the abuse is detailed, the Author doesn’t shy away from the dark and grittiness of the story. There no way to tell a story like this without being brutally honest about it. It the only way to bring justice to the story.

(Disclaimer: I received a copy from Author. Does not affect my review)