LF: Please introduce yourself.

KRB: My name is Kelsey Rae Barthel. I am the youngest of four girls raised in the small town of Hay Lakes. Growing up in such a small town, I had a lot of free time to develop a hobby of writing short stories inspired by the anime and comic books I enjoyed. Once I graduated from high school, I moved to Edmonton and truly came out of my shell creatively. With the loving support of my husband, family and friends, I was able to write and publish my first book, Beyond the Code.

LF: Tell us about your book.37957052

KRB: To the common world, Aurora Falon is merely the pampered daughter of a rich and influential family. But to the secret world of The Order, she is Luna, the powerful and formidable warrior knight, under the rule of her master, Cole Iver. Together, they strive to bring down Damon Lexus, a wicked master who uses her knights in cowardly and dishonourable ways for her own selfish desires. But when they obtain evidence that may bring Damon Lexus under the judgement of The Order’s ruling power, The Hand Council, Damon makes a rash decision and orders the assassination of Cole Iver.

By pure coincidence, Luna catches Damon’s knight in the act but is too late to save her master and kills the assassin in a moment of grief stricken rage. Luna knows the one with her master’s blood on her hands is not the one she killed, she seeks the assassin’s master. But after a failed attempt at revenge, Luna is pulled from the depths of her dark anger and put on a better path by the Hunter who was ordered to kill her. Together, they will work to break away from being mere tools for the powerful and become heroes.

LF: Now that you have published a book, do you feel it has changed you?

KRB: In some ways it has. I am much more conscious of my media decisions and marketing choices and I’m more able to reach out to people I don’t know. But I haven’t changed in ways that I thought I would. Like most new authors, I thought I would feel much accomplished but I didn’t feel like a success. I believe most new authors take a long time to feel that sense of accomplishment.

LF: Are you working on anything else? Plans for the future?

KRB: Right now I’m working on the sequel to Beyond the Code and hope to have it published around this time next year. My overall plans for the future are to keep writing this series and make it as successful as possible.            

LF: How hard do you think it is, to get yourself out there and meeting new readers?

KRB: It’s one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I published Beyond the Code through a hybrid publishing system where you had to run a campaign to get readers to purchase pre-orders. That, in a lot of ways, was harder to getting readers once the book was published. When people can buy something right in front of them, they are a bit more willing to give it a chance. But when you have to convince people to purchase a promise for a book, that’s a lot harder to do. You have to wade through dozens of no’s to get one yes. It’s a real grind.

LF: Anything else you would like to add?

KRB: Make sure to check out Beyond the Code on Amazon, Indigo bookstores, and Inkshares.com. Also, you can follow my author exploits on Facebook through the Beyond the Code page.