Goodreads: Private Berlin (Private #5)

Authors: James Patterson & Mark T. Sullivan

Published: 12th September 2013 (Arrow)

Source: Audiobook

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary:A history lesson they’ll never forget … and neither will you.

Mattie Engel is one of the rising stars at Private Berlin, and believes she’s seen the worst of people in her previous life with the Berlin police force. That is until Chris, her colleague – and until recently, her fiancé – is found dead, brutally murdered in an old slaughterhouse outside the city.

The slaughterhouse is filled with bodies. But just as Private begin their investigations, the building explodes, wiping out all evidence of the crimes, and nearly killing Mattie and her team.

Mattie soon realises that a masked killer is picking off Chris’s childhood friends, one by one, and destroying the trail. But who wants the past buried so badly? What is the truth about that slaughterhouse? And will Mattie become the killer’s next victim?” – Goodreads

Review: I liked how it switched from the main characters to then the murderer. I have to give the voice actor for the bad guy a big clap. The evil voice and his personality were so on point, it was creepy. It was like the bad guy was talking to you. ‘Dear Berliners’ *shivers*

This is the first in the Private series I read, it can be read as a standalone, you don’t need to read the others. You had other characters from other Privates from around the world, which I thought was a nice touch. Made it all feel like a really big family.

The ‘love’ relationship at the end felt forced and completely unnecessary. I was left going WTF really?