I am no blogging expert. I am learning as I’m going. Some things I fuck up, somethings I pick up. Most things I just wing it. Either way here 1 thing I’ve learnt as a book blogger part 18;dsdsa

Yup, I am totally insane. That is why I request books to review. It pretty much like Netgalley. Thought I rarely request books via that, only if someone has sent me a book request. No, I am one of the insane people who go to a publishing house or an author and request a book.

In the beginning, I was like Nah, I am a newbie no one will accept this mad woman requests. I was dead wrong. Houses especially love it when a blogger comes to them to request books. I have a great relationship with NineStar Press LLC, who publishes LGBT books. I started working with them via Tay LaRoi (check out her books), then I sent a request via their site. The lovely lady who emailed me back pretty much said, pick any book and we’ll send you it. Just like that I added to my TBR pile.