Goodreads: Trading in Danger

Author: Elizabeth Moon

Published: 31st August 2004 (Del Rey)

Source: Bought from Amazon

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: Blurb is massive on Goodreads: Kylara Vatta is the daughter of the family than own Vatta Transport Ltd, a great shipping company in space. She makes a mistake in what they call their military school and get kicked out. To avoid drama and the press her father sents her on her first voyage as a Captain to a ship being sent to the scrap. This story is about that voyage and the shit she gets up too.

Review: This book is a slow burner but when it goes oh boy does it go. With it being a trading vessel and the way the world is built, there is a lot of trade lingo and paperwork. Oh, so much paperwork, red tape, credits and all manner of things. It wasn’t really confusing just a little meh. But it did add to the layers of the world being built. It showed how everything is run. The Author put in a lot of time and effort to make it logical and believable.

The action was well done and had my heart racing. After so long of not a whole lot happening to bam here have some blood. I was surprised and pleased. (I sound like a vampire)

I bought the second in the series, interested to see where it heads. I want to follow Kylara journey and see how she develops into a badass. I can see it happening.