Goodreads: Shipwreck

Author: Gail Gernat

Published: 29th November 2017 (Gail Gernat)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Fiery-haired Bridgit has a temper as hot as her hair, so when the colony transport gets into trouble in deep space she must work with the only other person awake; the man she most despises. Despite their best efforts, the ship crashes on an unknown planet. Bridgit is forced into impossible situations in order to survive and protect the remaining colonists.” – Goodreads

Review: I hope in the main book in the series that Bridgit calms down and gets off her high horse. Her ‘I am better than you’ attitude was annoying me a little. You got to find out a bit about her history, so you knew she was the way she was because of how she was brought up. The jealous was well written but felt a bit like it was there for drama sake.

I liked how it set this clean slate, you don’t know much but neither do the characters on the planet. You learn as they learn. It is interesting to see what else happens there and if there is another humanoid life there.

The cover does set the wrong tone for the book. There is very little romance at all. The only bit you see is at the very end.

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the Author. Does not affect my review.)