Goodreads: Falling (0.5 The 1000 Revolution)

Author: Pippa DaCosta

Published: 2nd March 2016

Source: Author’s Newsletter

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary:Caleb Shepperd is a fixer. He’ll do anything for credits. 

When he’s hired to track and kill a woman who’s muscled in on a dangerous smuggler’s territory, he figures it’s just another day in the black…Until he’s trapped in a silo with his mark.

‘Just another day in the black’ could turn out to be his last day alive.

A short story prequel to the bestselling science fiction series‘The 1000 Revolution’.” – Goodreads

Review: I read this before I read the first in the series, it left me wanting to know more about the characters which prove it done its job. Their relationship did annoy me a little, the nastiness of who better e.g. But that is what happens when you get two very strong-willed people locked up in a room together.

It did feel they got locked-up together a bit too much over a short span of pages. Like how did they get caught again? That bit was a little confusing. Overal great fast read.